Evening events

This year we have prepared something very special! We will take you time travelling and offer not only performances but also some movie experience!

Friday 7th February 19.00- theme night "Memories from oriental dance golden era"
Evening will start with the opening of oriental dance history exhibition. This exhibition will be brought first time to Baltic countries by Badriyah from Belgium. The most interesting and exciting pieces will be there!
Evening continues in restaurant Ritter, where you can see different clips from middle eastern movies, starting from the oldest. In between the clips, same era dances will be performed by our festival guest artists, including Badriyah- world known golden era artist!
Ticket at the door 7€
Table reservation is not available, doors will be opened 20 mintues before.

Saturday 8th February 20.00- IX Saare Hafla
Already ninth time we are happy to bring international artists and groups to Saaremaa. This year we have performers from Belgium, Spain, Belarus, Latvia and Estonia! But it won't be only an oriental dance evening, Saare Hafla is know for it's diverse performances. Every year we have new styles and fusions.
Ticket at the door 8€
Table reservation is not available, doors will be opened 20 minutes before.


XI Saare Hafla 

Saare Hafla is inviting all middle eastern dancers to perform! No matter your level or style- or if you are a group, duo or solo artist. We are opened to all fusions and styles, so think outside of the box!  

Pre registration has ended  and the confirmation of the performance information* on 10th January.

We are waiting following information from artists:

Name of artist or group

Number and names of dancers (only for groups)

Where are you from?

Style of dance
Name of the song or author of choreography

*Using props?

*Your performance music (maximum 3.30 minutes)

*Beginning of dance (dancer or music first)


What to keep in mind:

- All performers (including all dancers in a group) must have a festival pass. It is up to you to decide which one, you can also purchase Guest Pass. Festival pass must be purchased BEFORE sending performance request.

-As we have many people wanting to perform, we prefer group performances as this way, more dancers can have the chance to perform.

-Our stage is big and it is more or less 60 degrees (so audience is not only in one direction). There is no backstage, entering stage is from the audience like an hafla.

-There are curtains above the stage, so if you use assaya, veil poi, fan veils or other props that go high, we recommend rehearsing on stage before. Real fire is not allowed to use.

-If more than one person is registed with same music/choreography, the right to perform will be given to the person who registed first.