Most workshops will be in English.

“Egyptian music interpretation” BADRIYAH (Intermediate/advanced)

Classical Egyptian music is the base for every belly dancer. In this workshop we will learn how to interpret different musical instruments, what does tempo and rhythm tell us, when to use travelling steps and when to dance on spot.


Lecture – “Journey through belly dance history” BADRIYAH (Open level)

History of belly dance is extremely surprising and still full of secrets. This lecture will go through 19th and 20th century dance in Egypt, talk about ghawazee, awaleem, ban on dancers in 1834, development of costumes, hard life of belly dancers in the past, and finally about the Golden Era of belly dance.


“Golden Era Bellydance technique and combinations” BADRIYAH (Open level)

Belly dance from 1950' was elegant, fluid, and charming. In this workshop we will learn techniques from belly dance moviestars such as Samia Gamal and connect it into dance combinations.


“Baladi combinations” JELENA (Open level)

In this workshop, we will explore the beauty of baladi style- softness, feminine, accents, smooth hand movement and so much more! We will also learn beautiful combinations that will help you in the future, to create your own baladi choreography.


“Different introduction to oriental dance” JELENA (Open level)

We will dive into belly dance basic movements using different music styles. This workshop is suitable both for beginners and intermediate level dancers, who wish to explore fusion world.


“Hand technique” ELMIRA (Open level)

Elmira will show various exercises to improve hand plasticity. These exercises are from various dance styles such as ballet, hip-hop, flamenco and others. She will share her experience in studying the topics of organic movement and spring elastic. Hand placement and their movement during rotation and connection between emotion and hands. It will be your daily hand workout!


“Stage presence” ELMIRA (Intermediate/advanced)

We will go through the basic rules of being on stage, starting with- how to enter the stage. Also, we will learn about common mistakes that happen in the competitions and what do the judges first look at. And the most important part of the workshop is- how to make your performance unforgettable!

“IndOriental®” ELIZABETH MEDINA (Intermediate/advanced)

IndOriental® dance is a dance form developed by Elizabeth Medina. This dance form arises from specific elements featured and derived from the Indian classical and folkloric “Mother Dances” and their connection with Oriental and Tribal Dance.

IndOriental® Dance involves isolations, strengthens the core and helps developing a new language full of subtle gestures that will add precision to our movements and help us correct the bad habits in our technique. This style is doubtlessly an effective way of making your dancing style more elegant, whichever it may be, yet it is focused on making the dancing movements more subtle, graceful and precise.


“The art of Hand Storytelling”  ELIZABETH MEDINA (Open level)

We dance with our hands. A MUDRA is a symbolic, ritualistic expression related to Hinduism. In Sanskrit it means "gesture" "mark" or "seal". The positions of the hands have a meaning itself; we are going to perform through it as a storytellers of the body language. Previous indian dance knowledge is not needed!


“Fellahi” SARA GUIRADO (Open Level)

Do you want to explore the roots of belly dance? Sara will teach you the basics of fellahi dance and create a beautiful choreography meanwhile exploring the spirit of the Egyptian people. Fellahi is a joyful and vivacious dance of farmers from the northern Egypt, depicting their daily lives like harvesting or carrying water.